The source code for degate versions ≥ 0.0.7 is on github. You can clone the git repository with:

> git clone git://

If you have a local copy of the repository you can update your copy from the degate directly by running:

> git pull

If you prefer downlaoding a snapshot of the master branch, you can use Github's archive download function.


The source code for degate versions ≤ 0.0.6 is in a svn repository. The code is not maintained anymore.

> svn checkout svn:// degate-trunk

Source packages

Please check the instructions on how to build and install degate.

If you have problems with installing the package or compiling the code, please contact me.

Binary packages

Not yet ...

Test project(s)

The download of degate project files is restricted, because it is completely unknown to me, if publishing chip images including net lists is legal. If you want to download degate projects for any academic purpose, just send me an email with a short explanatory statement.


Files and tools presented at conferences: